Mark Emil Poulsen

Jonas Georg Christensen: Projekt Kontekst – catalogue for the exhibition REMEDIATION. Avant la lettre (2010–24) at c4 projects. With contributions by Jørn Erslev Andersen, Maria Finn, Lars Bang Larsen and Anne Munnecke. Published by Udg. Txt. 2024

Clarice Lispector: At skrive og leve. A selection of “crônicas” first published in the newspaper Jornal do Brasil between 1967–1973. Designed in collaboration with Orin Bristow. Translated by Tine Lykke Prado and Kristina Nya Glaffey. Edited by Astrid Willow Møldrup. Published by Basilisk. 2023

CC x DINESEN: Graphic identity and various printed matter for the shop and exhibition of Dinesen at Copenhagen Contemporary. 2023

Paula Duvå: Killer Machine (the sublime sky, clouds, camouflage smoke disrupting heat seeking missiles, fighter planes removed). Published by Disko Bay. 2023

Posters and handout for the exhibition A wish by artist Tringa Gashi. Texts by Andita Shabanaj and Tringa Gashi. Each poster featured a glossy photographic print from the artist’s archive. 2023

Andrzej Tichý: Elendigheden. Translated by Frederik Tøt Godsk. Published by Basilisk. 2022

The Jerome Bruner Library: From New York to Nijmegen. Published by the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics to commemorate the American psycholinguist Jerome Bruner, and to inaugurate the donation of his personal library to the institute. Texts by Willem J.M. Levelt, Karin Kastens and Eleanor M. Fox. Display typeface by Orange Slice Type. 2020

Drawings and labels for Rodløs Cider. 2019–2022